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About us

Changshu Donghai Ship’s Equipment Factory islocated on the Bank of Sutong Changjiang River Bridge,

90 kilometers away from Shanghai Port and 37kilometers south of Suzhou. It is located in Changshu

Development Zone, a famous historical and cultural citywith beautiful scenery.

Our factory specializes in the production of light andsmall lifting machinery, and mass export. Our factory

mainly produces various types and specifications ofgeared trolley,chain block, plain trolley,lever block,

steel clamp,marine pulleys, etc. The product is designedand manufactured according to the standard. After years

of hard work, we have accumulated rich experience in lifting products. Over the years, our factory has been

supporting various kinds of marine equipment for Valmet, UPM, Jiangnan Shipbuilding Group, Shanghai

Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co.Ltd., Shanghai East China Shipbuilding Group, Dalian Shipbuilding and other large






Phone: +86-18915649211


Add:Hupu Jiaozi Road 4, Changshu City, Jiangsu

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